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LSK8 Weekly Update

LSK8 Weekly Update – Mid-Winter Break Edition

LSK8 School Updates

Thunderbird Mosaic

Welcome to the LSK8 weekly newsletter! this post will update each weekend (usually Sunday’s) we will send a reminder to check the website for the update each Sunday afternoon/evening. But you can come to the LSK8 website anytime to read the newsletter or to check information. Please reach out if you have difficulty accessing any links or need more information about anything posted here!

PTO Spring Dance

Dancing through the decades – Spring Dance

Friday March 15 at 5:30pm

Contact the PTO with questions

you can find the flyer here

Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP)

The LEEP application is officially OPEN! You can find the link to the application on their webpage.

LEEP will come out and hold a presentation with our 8th grade students in February or March (date TBD). If you are a 5th grade parent interested in the program, please attend one of the information sessions below. 

  • Wednesday, February 28th at 6:30 p.m. (West Seattle Library)
  • Saturday, March 9th at 12:00 p.m. (Lakeside School, Kent Evans Auditorium)

Families can find more information about our program including how to RSVP for our information sessions on the Lake Site Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP) website.

Early Pick-up Reminder

Early Pick-up – please ask your student to stay in class until called to the office. When you arrive to sign them out we will call for them. This ensures they are in the classroom for the most time possible (if you hit traffic, they miss out on class time unnecessarily!) If you are in a rush or running late and need them waiting for you, give the office a call when you are a few minutes away and let us know, we are happy to accommodate, but want every minute in the classroom possible!!

Licton Springs K-8 Donors Choose

Donors choose is program where educators can post projects that help their students get the resources they need to be successful in school. Our teachers create these projects throughout the year to get things for their classrooms. You can donate money towards the project to help it get fully funded. Learn more about Donors Choose. Please pass along to anyone you know that may be interested in donating. Thank you! 

Current Projects at LSK8:

We all play a role in school safety!

It is important that everyone in our school knows and follows our safety procedures and processes.

  • All visitors must sign in at the main office when on campus.
  • All adults should wear SPS staff or visitor identification while in school buildings.
  • School exterior doors should be kept closed and locked.
  • Please let your school leader and school staff know if you have concerns or questions regarding student safety and well-being.
  • Safety concerns should be reported right away by letting the staff or principal know, calling the Safe Schools Hotline 206-252-0510, calling 911 or on our new mobile app.
  • The SPS team has gathered more information about Safe and Welcoming Schools on our district website.

If you want to meet with a teacher or staff member, please make an appointment. Our teacher’s priority is to support students throughout the day. Prior notice allows staff to schedule their day, including their prep time, so that student needs can be met AND meetings can be effective for you both. Please email your students teacher (or other staff member) ahead of time to schedule.

Let us continue to work together so that every student feels safe, cherished, and empowered.

LSK8 families – Tune-In with Principal Dante
Parent-Principal Chat 

a monthly check in with parents/caregivers as thought partners to learn from each other and exchange ideas about student learning and school improvement,  a two-way dialogue whereby families and the principal listen, learn, solve problems, and share information.

April 5 – Friday at 8-8:30am in the cafeteria (check in at the main office)

Volunteering at LSK8

Please fill out the online application to volunteer at school if you plan to volunteer in the building or on field trips this year! the sooner we have you cleared, the sooner we can start planning!!
**New this year – 2 weeks minimum required for approval.

You can fill out the forms and watch the required videos on our SPS volunteer website.
If you have volunteered with SPS before you can update and renew your application on an abbreviated process on the current and returning volunteer’s page

Classroom Updates

Updates coming soon!

LSK8 Elementary Updates

stick figure children each holding a star

Update From Kirsten (K/1st Grade)

Update coming soon!

Update from Katherine (2/3rd Grade)

We had a busy, busy week! In math, the 2nd graders worked on understanding place value for numbers up to 1,000. We worked on reading and writing numbers in standard form (362), expanded form (300+60+2) and written form (three hundred sixty-two). We also worked on making and naming numbers in different ways to show the same value. For example, we know that you can make 213 with 2 hundreds, 1 ten, and 3 ones or with 2 hundreds and 13 ones, or a ton of other ways! This helps us build fluency and flexibility with numbers which will be super helpful when we work on adding and subtracting with larger numbers. We also practiced skip counting by ones and tens using place value patterns from any 3-digit number. Finally, we worked on skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s using a number line. This will also help us with addition and subtraction fluency! In 3rd grade, we finished up our unit on data! Then we jumped into our first 3rd grade unit on addition! We talked about a few strategies you can use for adding mentally (like thinking about the hundreds, tens, and ones) and then we hit rounding! We know two different strategies to round. One is using a number line and thinking about what numbers the number we’re rounding is between (322 is between 300 and 400). Then we think about the halfway point between those numbers (350). Then we think about where our number falls – is it between 300 and 350 or between 350 and 400? Then we know which number it’s closer to so we know how to round. Our other strategy is using place value. We circle the place value we are founding to and look next door. If that number is four or less, we let it rest (the circled number stays the same). If it’s 5 or higher, we round up. Every digit after goes to zero. Great job 3rd graders!

In reading, we continued our work on making inferences. We read Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes and talked about what we know about the characters and what clues from the text helped us figure that out. We also practiced making inferences in our own reading!

In writing, we worked on our nonfiction writing. We used the interview questions we wrote last week to ask our classmates questions about themselves and write down their answers. It was really sweet to see how engaged the students were in writing about each other. Then we read a book called How to be a Friend. We talked about what we learned from the book and then we wrote some ideas from the book and some of our own ideas about how to be a good friend in our classroom. Then we practiced descriptive writing. We picked an object in our classroom and wrote as descriptively as we could about it! We know that good writers of both fiction and nonfiction describe things to make their writing more interesting. This was awesome for us to practice!

In social studies, we learned about two local activists who made a change in their communities. The first activist is Powell S. Barnett who was a believer in and advocate for integration. He played a huge role in integrating the YMCA. We also learned about the history of racial discrimination in Seattle neighborhoods. We looked at maps of racial demographics in Seattle from 1950-2020. We noticed that Black people only lived in certain neighborhoods, while white people made up the majority population in almost all other neighborhoods. We noticed how that changed over time as neighborhoods became more integrated. We also learned about Aki Kurose, a second generation Japanese American who was one of the first nonwhite teachers in a white school. She also was key in the creation of Head Start! We learned that Japanese Americans and their descendants were removed from their homes and their communities to live in camps during World War II. We learned that Aki Kurose had to live in one of these camps in her childhood and that after WWII, this experience helped build her advocacy for integration. We are learning so many important and deep parts of the history of the United States. It’s been great to see how much this group engages and cares about these important topics.

Update from Xena (4/5th Grade)

The week before Mid-Winter break was action packed!  We attended a performance by an African drumming group and many of us danced with them; we gave gifts to secret Valentines and we ended the week with the in-school Global reading Challenge competition!


In writing, we have begun our research about Washington history topics.  Each pair of students was given some research and they are taking notes in an outline format.  These notes will be turned into paragraphs in the weeks to come.  Ask your student about their research topic.


As we prepare for the Global Reading Challenge, we have been talking about reading techniques that help readers to remember the details of the book.  One of the most important is slowing down to visualize what you’re reading about.  We practiced this and I asked students to read their own books and then share with us what they were visualizing.  After the break we will be getting into more skills for reading non-fiction, which will help with our Writing project.


Our division math unit has ended and students have taken the end of unit assessment.  Though there was help on hand to navigate the test, they all did very well!  We will revisit this work later, to make sure they don’t lose their division skills. We are also going to work on a more fun project involving writing songs to remember the multiplication table.

Social Studies

We have continued our Black History Month learning this week.  We added on to last week’s learning about diverse religions of the world, different aspects of identity, gender, and the intersectionality of LGBTQ and trans rights.  This week we learned about Black Wall Street, The Tulsa massacre, Harriet Tubman, and some famous Black cowboys.  These students have so many fantastic questions and observations when we are having discussions.  They have been asking “Where did racism come from?” and “Why does racism still exist?” Obviously, these questions are not answered in one lesson!  We’ll continue to add to our understanding of these issues, and they may find some of their own answers.

LSK8 Middle School Updates

Hello Middle School

Updates from Haley

6th Social Studies: This week we finished up our Ancient Egypt Unit with a project and presentation on inventions! After midwinter break we will start our unit on Ancient China

7th Social Studies: This week we finished our Tribal Unit with a paragraph about how power for Native Tribes changed with the treaties. After midwinter break we will be discussing Washington statehood and focus on population growth and immigration.

8th Social Studies: This week we finished designing the basics of our government and began our “pitch” part of the project where students are going to “sell” their government like in Shark Tank. We looked at different ways to persuade the audience using emotion, logic, and credibility. Students began designing their pitches and will continue that work when we come back from break. 

8th ELA: This week we finished Part 1 of Summer of the Mariposas and focused on discussing overarching questions (What’s going to happen to the dead body? Will they make it to Mexico to see their Abuelita? Where is papa?) as well as Point of View. When we come back from break, students will be rewriting a chapter/section from the perspective of a different character to show their understanding of point of view. Over break – please remind your students to read 20 minutes a day to stay on pace with reading Summer of the Mariposas. Here is the link to our reading schedule as well as a link to each chapter’s audiobook. 

Updates from Keith

6th Grade Science

Finish Metabolism Proposal- and begin Thermal Energy Chapter 1: Understanding Temperature

During this unit, students take on the role of student thermal scientists helping the principal of Riverdale School choose a new heating system for his school. The principal is deciding between two heating systems: A water heater system that uses a small amount of warmer water, and a groundwater system that uses a large amount of cooler water. In this chapter, students investigate temperature at the molecular level and come to understand that an increase in the temperature of the air inside a school is really an increase in how fast its molecules are moving.

Meta EI Final Proposal

Lesson 1.1 Pre- Assessment

8th grade Science

Start Magnetic Forces Chapter 1: Modeling Magnetic Force

Students are introduced to their role as student physicists who are asked to investigate unexpected results from tests of a model magnetic spacecraft launcher. To first understand how the magnetic launcher works, they are introduced to the concept of magnetic force and how magnets cause objects to move. They gather data about how magnets affect other objects through a hands-on activity and a digital Simulation, learning that strong experimental evidence requires the isolation of variables. Using their data as well as an article about Earth’s geomagnetism, students learn that magnetic field lines model magnetic force, and that the pattern of magnetic field lines around attracting magnets is different from the pattern of magnetic field lines around repelling magnets.


LESSON 1.1 Pre-Unit Assessment

LESSON 1.2 Introducing the Magnetic Spacecraft

LESSON 1.3 Evaluating Magnetic Force Evidence

LESSON 1.4 “Earth’s Geomagnetism”

6th Grade ELA

Prepare for the Performance Task

In the final lessons of this module, students create a multimedia presentation explaining their narrative choices: choice of Greek god (or a character from another traditional story), new character choices, choice of scene from The Lightning Thief to revise, and how and why they revised that scene. Students will present to a live audience, including reading aloud their revised scene.

To- do


Multimedia Presentation

7th Grade ELA

 In Unit 1 of Module 2 (Epidemics) students read chapters of the text Patient Zero and explore two related questions that thread through the entire module. One question relates to the people who have sought to understand and manage epidemics: the scientists, curious individuals, and epidemiologists whom we refer to as “epidemic detectives.” What were these people’s mindsets and contributions, and how did they behave differently from those around them?


Lesson 7 and Lesson 8

Analyze Interactions among Individuals, Events, and Ideas

Patient Zero, Pages 40–45, 47, and 49

Lesson 9

Analyze Interactions among Individuals, Events, and Ideas

Patient Zero, Pages 45–46, 48, and 50–51

Lesson 10

Analyze Interactions among Individuals, Events, and Ideas

Patient Zero, Pages 72–78

Updates From Mrs. Sharma                   

Here is what we have planned for when we come back from the break

6th grade:       

  • Topic 4 Represent and Solve Equations and Inequalities
  • Lesson 4-6 Understand and Write Inequalities
  • Lesson 4-7 Solve Inequalities
  • Quiz 4-4, 4-4 Understand Equations and Solutions 2/28, Wednesday.

7th Grade:     

  • Lesson 4-8 Analyze Equivalent Expressions
  • Unit 5 Solve Problems Using Equations and Inequalities
  • Lesson 5-1 Write 2-Step Problems
  • Quiz: Lesson 4-5 factor Expressions, 4-6 Add Expressions

8th Grade:      

  • Topic 6:
  • Lesson 6-2 Rotations
  • 6-4 Compose Transformations
  • Quiz 6-1 Translations 2/28 , Wednesday. 

Science 7: Unit Rock Transformations 

Chapter 3 Movement of Rock Formation

Topic Phase Change Pre-Unit Assessment

Lesson 1.2 Introducing Titan’s Disappearing Lake

Lesson 1.3 Investigating the Molecular Scale

Lesson 1.4 Weird Water Events


Office Hours: After-school, Advisory, recess, lunch by appointments only in exceptional cases 
Please encourage your student to reach out, clarify their doubts, and take the makeup test.     
Contact me via Talking Points or by email    

Math Grading Policy: 

  • The final grade is based on Quizzes/Tests only. 
  • If your student has E/D, you will receive a grade notification from me every 2 weeks. Please check the grades on Source for missing assignments. 
  • Missing quiz with a comment means the student has not met the math standards for that quiz yet. The comments indicate the student scores for that quiz.  
  • Quiz scores are final after 2 weeks. 
  • Revision: Students will have 15 days from the day of quiz to make up and improve their grade on quiz/test by doing revision.  
  • Only one attempt is given to improve the quiz/test grade. 
  • Students can earn up to 100% of the lost points. The higher grade is entered.  

Plagiarism: Students will earn 0 and will be referred to the counsellor and an email will be sent to the principal and counsellor. Please advise your students on the importance of academic integrity and its repercussions later in higher grades and beyond. 

Do you notify families if my student is at risk of failing?

If the student is at the risk of failing, which is D or an E, I communicate it to the parent about it. The communication is based on their cumulative score and not on the individual quiz score. I notify students’ family biweekly. 

Families need to ensure that they too check the student grade on Source. I update grade each week and the grades are current mostly.

Why is my student failing and how can improve their grade?

Please check grading policy on improving grades.

I want more practice problems for my student to do at home

Success Maker everyday minimum of 20 minutes for 5 times each week.

envision is the first support that I recommend, and following practices are available to students on it.

Family Engagement – which lists the topics and videos based on the standard and the math skills.

Interactive Additional Practice – can be assessed on e-book which has extra problems in addition to the Practice and Problem Solving, Example and Try Its! It can be printed or solved in a notebook by looking at the screen.

If they do the practice problem and interactive problems in addition to Success Maker, it should be enough for a week. Please let me know if you would still like any more assignments to practice. I feel that it is more than enough for them to do. Students should try to finish online assignments otherwise their inbox gets cluttered with to do assignments.

If my student miss school due to absences, how can they access the work online or make up their work?

We work on envision workbooks. Students are encouraged to take their workbooks and notebooks home everyday and have them every day in school.

Please go over the newsletter for the topics covered and quizzes given that week.

Please go over the videos for each topic available on Family engagement and the e-book.

Please encourage your students to reach out if they need help.  

Specialist /Elective Updates

Image of paint, music, sports balls, and library books

Update from Mx. Christa (LSK8 Academic Intervention)

Update coming soon

Update from Kristen (Art)

Doodle for Google ~ K-8

This week students in grades 2-8 have been creating a unique piece of artwork centered on the theme “My Wish for the next 25 years…”  Students learned about the annual contest sponsored by Google in which they can imagine and create a Google Doodle—a piece of art that incorporates the letters G-o-o-g-l-e—based on how the prompt inspires them.  Many students have wanted to take this project home to continue working on it.  They may choose any medium or materials they like, and even create a 3-dimensional (3D) Doodle.  Different mediums of art may be:

~paint, pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, pastels, charcoal, oil pastels

~clay, building blocks, found objects (rocks, paper, plants, etc.)

~film and stop motion

~virtual reality, and digital art


A parent/guardian signature is required for all entries.  Students may return the form to Ms. Kristen, or submit entries on their own by mail or digitally.  Students have been given an entry form and more information is attached in the link below.  Kindergartners and first graders will learn about this next week after they finish their collages inspired by Ashley Bryan’s Beautiful Blackbird! 

Doodle for Google – How to Submit

I can’t wait to see what they create!

Update from Ms. J (PE)

Update coming soon!

Update from Hank (Library/Tech)

Update coming soon


ELL Updates

Hello Licton Springs K-8 families! My name is Joanna Moore, and I am new to Licton Springs this year, although I have been teaching since 2007. My job is to support students who are multilingual and qualify for support from the district for English language development.
I am greatly enjoying this work and being at Licton Springs. I would love to meet more members of this wonderful community!
We will have a monthly get together in my classroom at Licton Springs where we will discuss topics, ask and answer questions and meet with other multilingual families. Even if your student does not receive support for English language services, it will still be a great opportunity to meet with other multilingual members of the Licton Springs community who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Who: Students and families that speak any language other than English
What: Meet with multilingual support teacher (Mrs. Moore) and other multilingual families and students
Where: LSK8 Room 207
When: Tuesday, March 12 at 2:30-3
Why: to build community and get to know each other. I will have chosen some topics to discuss ahead of time, but please also bring any questions you have!
Future dates: Tuesdays after school. April 16, May 14 and June 11, 2024.
What to bring: Yourself, your student or students, and any other interested family member (siblings welcome!). I will have some tea and snacks available, if you would like to bring a snack or dessert to share with others, that would be nice but not required.

Do not worry about your English-speaking level, we can use technology to translate if needed. Having conversations to practice English speaking can be something we focus on in future sessions if you would like.

I hope to meet you there!

Counselor/Social Worker Updates

Hello families! There will be a second Target shopping opportunity in March 2024 sponsored by Operation School Bell! This is ONLY for families who were not served for the Fall event in November. Families will receive a $150 gift card to go towards clothes shopping for their student. This is an in-store shopping event that you MUST be physically present for. The available dates are currently pending, but there will be more than one day to accommodate schedules. Please fill out the interest survey to get your student signed up. The survey must be completed by March 1st.

Reach out to our school counselor, Mr. M at:, if you have any questions or want more information.

Message from the Thunderbird PTO (LSK8 Site Council)

*Visit LSK8 PTO Website for more information or to sign up for their newsletter!

If you are signed up for the newsletter, but not getting the newsletter, please check your spam folder. If you need to sign up for the newsletter, you can go to the PTO website (home page) and scroll down to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

LSK8 PTO Meeting  Dates

First Monday of Each Month during the school year. (with a few exceptions due to district calendar conflicts — check the LSK8 calendar for exact dates and meeting times)
Contact Leadership at

Attendance Office Contact Information

Absences – Please Report Absences to the attendance office! If we don’t hear from you, within 3 days of the absence, the absence is unexcused

Reach out to the LSK8 office via
Phone – 206-743-3700
Fax – 206-743-3701
Email –
Written note upon return to school (delivered to the main office)

Late Arrivals – If your student is going to be late to school, please have them go to the office first to check-in. We need to see them to sign them in! (any time after 7:55)
If you will be more than a few minutes late, please let us know via phone or note upon your child’s return.

Early Pick-up – please ask your student to stay in class until called to the office. When you arrive to sign them out we will call for them. This ensures they are in the classroom for the most time possible (if you hit traffic, they miss out on class time unnecessarily!)

District Contacts and Information

Important Upcoming Dates

All events can be found on the LSK8 school calendar

  • February 13 – Assembly (K-8) performance by Gansango
  • February 15 – Shelter in Place Drill
  • February 19-23 – No School – Mid-Winter Break!
  • February 28 – Black History Month Assembly
  • March 4 – PTO Meeting 6pm

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