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The work of childhood is play”
-John Stanford

Licton Springs K-8 believes that to successfully educate a child, you must teach every part of the child, including their bodies, and do it in many ways as children have many different learning styles. To achieve this, Licton Springs K-8 provides physical education in many different settings: PE, the classroom, sports teams, recess, after school activities and more. Many adults have negative associations with school and PE: gym uniforms, boring activities, and humiliating experiences like being picked last. As part of creating lifelong learners, Licton Springs K-8 wants children to associate physical activities with life and learning, and to discover activities that are fun for them.

Physical Education

“Preventing couch potatoes while they are still small fries.”

Physical Education Classes:

Licton Springs K-8 has a success-oriented, physical education program with an emphasis on cooperation, lifetime health and fitness, and motor skills development. We teach PE in an anti-racist and non-sexist atmosphere to build confidence, mutual respect, teamwork, and fitness. Our program offers a variety of indoor alternative sports and games such as: unicycles, double dutch, juggling, wall ball, handball, yo-yos, floor hockey, voluntary president’s physical fitness testing, traversing wall, badminton, and the UW Kids Marathon, as well as the more traditional field and court sports: flag football, ultimate Frisbee, softball, soccer, field hockey, basketball. Gym activities are not confined to the gym, nor even just the school grounds. Classes extend to the Webster Park next door. Our assessment tool is an action based P.E. journal that is continually transformed by the students and the teacher. The average class size is 18-19, and PE is offered to all grades K-8.

Team Sports

Even though our middle school population is small compared to other middle schools, we generally maintain girls and boys basketball teams, a girls volleyball team, and a co-ed ultimate Frisbee team. A teacher and/or parent coaches the teams. Watch the school calendar for game schedules, and the newsletter for practice information. Our athletic director, Bryan Getchell can answer questions about teams, and the main office can help you get forms and paperwork needed Be sure you have your forms in!!

Student-Athlete Forms

More information about Sport in Seattle Public schools

Forms needed can be found on the Seattle Public School Athletics Forms Page

The forms we need in the office to allow your student to play organized Sports

  • Sport Specific Guardian Release and Warning Form (there is one form per sport)
  • Athletic Registration Form
  • Physical Participation Form (needs to be signed by your doctor, and you only need this one every 2 years )
  • Athletic Participation COVID Waiver
  • Athletic COVID Screening Form
  • Extracurricular Athletic Transportation Form
  • Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form

Student Athletic Handbook

Art and Music


Kristen Whipple


Vocal Music/Strings-Jeong Chi

Winds/Percussion-Alex Dugdale

Associated Student Body (ASB) of Licton Springs K-8

The purpose of ASB is to promote representative and democratic government, social justice, student activities, and the general welfare for Licton Springs K-8 School; to improve and promote student, staff, and community interaction through mutual respect and communication; to increase student voice in school management; and to continue and establish traditions, activities, events, and responsibilities which promote a positive school atmosphere and culture. Once a week classroom representatives from grades 2-8 meet to discuss important issues pertaining to our school.

Green Team

The Licton Springs Green Team strives to create a greener learning environment and lessen the school’s carbon footprint. Through their efforts, they have greatly reduced their lunch waste, provided recycled materials for use in the art room, saved lunch food for afternoon recess, reduced classroom waste, improved their overall school recycling. They are learning that their actions have an effect on the environment, and they know that their job is a responsibility to their community. When they are walking to recess, they pick up trash as they go. When they are on a field trip, they look for the nearest recycling and compost bins. They are learning to live reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Chess and Board Club

Chess Club/Board Game Tuesday occurs during lunchtime recess in the shared learning space on the first floor. All students are welcomed to play chess or board games such as Connect 4, Candy Land, Sorry, Scrabble, Uno and computer games on their cell phones or tablets. Just by virtue of playing them, board games can teach important social skills, such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction with others. Board games can foster the ability to focus, and lengthen your child’s attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game.