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Getting Involved at Licton Springs K-8

Licton Springs K-8 School thrives on involvement from the parents/guardians, alumni, and its community. It takes everyone to bring success to our school and students.

There are as many ways to get involved at Licton Springs K-8 as there are families to think up ways to support our school. Whether you have several free hours every week or no time at all, there are sure to be many ways you can get involved with our great school!

Please call the main office at 206-743-3700 or email us at for any inquiries around volunteering at Licton Springs K-8.

We are honored by our incredible volunteers and look forward to continuing our partnerships.​

Building Leadership Team

The Building Leadership Team, or BLT, is a group of Licton Springs K-8 community members elected to provide leadership and a site-based collaborative decision making process at the school. It is composed of teachers and non-teaching staff, the principal, three-five parents, and up to two students who have been elected by vote of the entire school community. The Site Council chair also attends BLT meetings and acts as a liaison between the two groups.

As each new year begins, the BLT begins working on a budget and staffing plan for the upcoming school year. The group will also review our current school transformation plan and make recommendations for any adjustments that will help us achieve our school goals. The decision making process coming out of the BLT is collaborative both internally, (between the BLT’s parents, staff, and students) and externally, (between the BLT, Site Council (PTO), Sir Herbert Read Board, and other committees and groups at Licton Springs K-8).

Building Leadership Teams throughout the District In 1998, the Seattle Education Association (SEA, the Collective Bargaining Unit) and Seattle Public Schools negotiated the concept of Building Leadership Teams (BLT) into the site-based decision-making portion of the contract. It took several years and several training retreats to set the BLT project up in schools throughout the district. According to the District, “The BLT is grounded in the belief that collaborative site-based decision-making structures are key to accelerating student academic achievement… Specifically, the responsibilities of this collaborative group are to oversee the facilitation and development of the budget, the transformation plan, and the professional development plan.”

Family Representation on Licton Springs K-8’s BLT The contract with the district requires the team to include “the principal, a minimum of five SEA members, and other members of the school community.” In keeping with our school’s long-standing tradition of assuring comprehensive community decision-making at the school, our team also includes three-five parents and up to two students. To learn who is currently serving on the BLT, contact the Site council (PTO) lead or Emily Butler (principal).

Classroom Volunteers

When Licton Springs K-8 began as Alternative School #1 more than 45 years ago, it was founded by people who also understood that each child was endowed with unique gifts, and that the only way to nurture these gifts was for education to be connected to a community of caring and involved parents, family members, friends and volunteers.  We could not be the school we are today without the commitment of our families and volunteers who help out in the classroom, share their knowledge and experience with the students, chaperone, field trips, plan events, raise money, advocate for alternative education with the school district, interview teachers and staff, provide leadership, participate in governing the school, and support our students in more ways than we can count.

To All Visitors, Volunteers, and Chaperones:
Please check in at the main office when you arrive in the building, sign in and get a visitor badge.

If you plan to Volunteer or Chaperone this year, please complete the volunteer application, background check, and other forms as soon as possible.  All forms (and the video) are now online,
The volunteer on-boarding process can take up to 10-day to process, please fill out your paperwork early if you’d like to chaperone a field trip or volunteer for a special event.

If you have any questions please contact the office staff: Carole

We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate you sharing it with us.