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Licton Springs

Licton Springs Physical Education Syllabus

Licton Springs K-8 Physical Education

A program committed to building stronger children, families and community through physical education!


Warmest welcome to you and your family from the LSK8 Physical Education Department! This will be fun and exciting year full of physical challenges, adventures and many athletic opportunities.

Parents are always welcomed to visit, participate and help!

Please contact me at
School phone: 206-743-3700


The goals this year for physical education are as follows:

  • To participate regularly in a healthy, active lifestyle in and out of the school setting.
  • To learn the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • To become more aware of personal fitness and health.
  • To value physical education and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle.


  • Follow all directions given
  • Do your absolute best
  • Encourage others to match your enthusiasm


Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow for a lot of moving! For safety, it is best to have shoes that cover the toes completely.


The following are just a few examples of lessons that will be covered this year:

  • · Learning the basic skills, rules and play:
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Hockey
    • Bowling
  • · Applying basic health principles to everyday life in and outside of school
  • · Personal fitness
  • · Body and space awareness
  • · Hand/eye coordination improvement activities
  • · Jump roping skills/tricks (Jump Rope for Heart)
  • · Bowling technique and scoring
  • · Racquet sports (tennis, badminton, pickle ball)
  • · Bicycle riding and safety
  • · Orienteering

Kindergarten-1st Grade:

  • · Large muscle locomotor movements
  • · Basic hand/eye coordination
  • · Dodging, fleeing safely and in control
  • · Basic health and wellness understanding
  • · Introduction to team sports and activities.

2nd and 3rd Grade:

  • · Large and small locomotor movements.
  • · Introduction to the 5 basic health components
  • · Multi-step games and activities
  • · Introduction to cooperation challenges and games
  • · Team sports and activities

4th and 5th Grade:

  • · Activities centered around the 5 basic health components
  • · Cooperation and sport challenges
  • · Team sports and activities
  • · Goal setting and fitness testing

Middle School:

  • · Personal goal setting
  • · Sport and game activities
  • · Social/Emotional connections to movement and athletics
  • · Fitness testing
  • · Multi-step games and activities

Middle School Sports (for grades 6-8)


Ultimate Frisbee (co-ed)

Girls Soccer


Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball


Girls Volleyball

Track/Field (co-ed)