Licton Springs K-8

Licton Springs

Campus / School Safety

We all play a role in school safety!

It is important that everyone in our school knows and follows our safety procedures and processes.

  • All visitors must sign in at the main office when on campus.
  • All adults should wear SPS staff or visitor identification while in school buildings.
  • School exterior doors should be kept closed and locked.
  • Please let your school leader and school staff know if you have concerns or questions regarding student safety and well-being.
  • Safety concerns should be reported right away by letting the staff or principal know, calling the Safe Schools Hotline 206-252-0510, calling 911 or on our new mobile app.
  • The SPS team has gathered more information about Safe and Welcoming Schools on our district website.

If you want to meet with a teacher or staff member, please make an appointment. Our teacher’s priority is to support students throughout the day. Prior notice allows staff to schedule their day, including their prep time, so that student needs can be met AND meetings can be effective for you both. Please email your students teacher (or other staff member) ahead of time to schedule.

Let us continue to work together so that every student feels safe, cherished, and empowered.