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    PTO Meeting 11/5/2019

    Led by: Blaine, Allycea, Andrea, Kimya

    PTO Meeting 11/5/2019

    Led by: Blaine, Allycea, Andrea, Kimya

    1. Group Norms
      1. Andrea presented a zine on Group Agreements
        1. Unequal systems exist
        2. Treat people with respect and dignity
        3. Everyone can harm and be harmed (using oops, ouch, and snap; or, honor intent
          and own impact)
        4. Move up! Move back!
        5. We take care of our needs
        6. Expect a lack of closure
      2. Land Acknowledgement – we learned the District‐approved Land Acknowledgement
        that the kids do at assemblies
      3. For discussion at next meeting:
        1. Adoption of group norms
        2. New land acknowledgment, and how to use it
          1. Blaine is on the Parent Advisory Committee for the Indian Ed dept and
            will discuss what the best use is
    2. Communication expectations between parents and staff
      1. Particularly relating to student safety/classroom conflicts
      2. Some good experiences: proactive and immediate heads up to families without naming
        student/s involved
      3. Some less good experiences: sending emails to leadership with no response
      4. Recommendation to Principal Butler Ginolfi: having an autoreply that communicates
        expectations for response and other options for communication if needed
    3. Kindergarten update
      1. There are enough volunteers now, between parents and volunteers
      2. Principal Butler Ginolfi commits to talking with parents that have concerns
      3. Recommendation: having a community/class meeting for kindergarten families to
        answer questions, open up communication
        1. Class game night
        2. Parent/teacher meeting
    4. Principal Update
      1. Building move – School Board votes tomorrow 11/6
        1. Principal Butler Ginolfi has been advocating:
          1. That the school is a safe haven for students with poor experiences
          2. That community is important to us
          3. That transportation is necessary for school to retain its community and
            for families to follow
          4. We have a very large geozone (the geographic area entitled to
      2. BLT Update –
        1. changed makeup of BLT
          1. Race and Equity chair is automatically on BLT (Jo and/or Maggie)
          2. 4 elected certificated staff
          3. 1 elected counselor
          4. 1 elected special ed member
          5. Total of 4‐5 parent guardians
            1. One from PTO
            2. 3‐4 principal‐nominated parents, with rep from LGBTQ2S, POC,
              English Language Learner, with at least one parent of a child
              with a disability (not disclosed)
        2. Terms: 1yr for staff, 2yr for parents
        3. Election of staff will occur in fall
        4. Job description and time commitment will be circulated in the next couple of
          1. Most of the BLT duties occur in Jan‐Feb
        5. Applications for review and consideration, with questions for
          applicants/nominees; Principal Butler Ginolfi will write questions with the Race
          and Equity Team input
      3. Parent/teacher conferences will happen the week of Thanksgiving; look for emails
      4. Staff is collectively reading/discussing Multiplication is for White People
      5. Interim School Climate Survey will happen Thursday 11/7 with kids
    5. Sir Herbert Read – no update because Monica is out of town
    6. Harvest Festival
      1. Blaine is getting cups and plates and stuff
      2. Lisa McCaul is having a hard time getting gourds because it was a bad pumpkin season;
        so we may do something else; Rachel will help with gourd acquisition and/or corn husk
      3. Volunteers:
        1. Email Lisa if you want to volunteer!
        2. Needs:
          1. Setup
          2. Cleanup station activities
            1. Cake Walk
            2. Gym activities
            3. Decorations
          3. Clothing Swap
          4. Face‐painting (ideally with their own paints and brushes)
      4. We’ll have a dance for middle schoolers for the second hour
    7. Clothing Swap
      1. Need more little kids’ clothes! (K‐5th grade)
      2. Need winter coats, hats, gloves, boots, shoes
      3. Adult size stuff that teenagers would wear
      4. Suggestion: put out asks on neighborhood groups, etc.
    8. Holiday Bazaar – no date yet
      1. Popular items: dad presents, small potted plants, jewelry, a mug with hot cocoa and
    9. Warm and Well‐Fed Fund
      1. This happens every year with cash donations given to teachers on the Holiday Bazaar
      2. Parents can also donate; need to figure out how to get donations set up
      3. This is run by Sir Herbert Reed foundation
    10. 100 Days of School (January 17th)
      1. Planning activities likely need to go through BLT to ensure curriculum minutes
        are followed

    NEXT MEETING: December 3, 6:30pm