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    LSK8 Poll Results: Halfday Hybrid or 100% Remote
    Published on Mar 23, 2021 10:21

    Good afternoon, Licton Springs K-8 Families,

    Thanks to all who participated in our survey.  We had responses for over half of our student population.  We also polled staff of their interest.  43.9% of families prefer the 100% remote option, 45.45% of families liked the idea of a full day option, and 7.5% of families preferred the half day option.  We also did not have a majority of staff interested in a full day.  There is insufficient interest in our community to advocate for anything beyond the half day hybrid option or the 100% remote option.  You can feel confident completing your district surveys at this time, choosing between a 100% remote/online option and a half day hybrid option.

    Thank you, again for your participation in the poll.  I hope to see you tonight to answer your questions about all of the changes coming as a result of the governor’s order two weeks ago.