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    LSK8 URGENT: Full Day Interest Survey
    Published on Mar 22, 2021 11:40

    Good morning, Licton Springs K-8 Families,

    URGENT, QUICK SURVEY—PLEASE COMPLETE TODAY:  We just sent out an important survey to all families via text message from LSK8’s Talking Points account that will take under two minutes to complete.  We would really appreciate your completing this survey TODAY.  The survey explores LSK8 families’ interest in a full-day, in person learning option.  If enough families are interested, Principal Butler will advocate for this option with the district.  If you receive these messages via email, or via phone call, please check your phone for a text message from LSK8’s Talking Points account that contains the link.  (you can also contact the office to be emailed the link) 

    Info Session Tonight at 7:30:  We realize the rapid pace and sometimes conflicting information coming out from the district is confusing!  You are not alone.  As a school, we are scrambling with each new piece of information to plan and provide families with clarity.  Tonight we will be hosting a family  meeting where we hope to offer some clarity and answer questions you may have.  We may not have all of the answers as not all of the information has come out from the district yet, but we will answer those we can and keep track of the others and hopefully get back to you with additional information soon.  You can join the meeting here tonight at 7:30:   please contact the office for a link.

    Thank you for your help in completing the survey today.