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    03/21/21 URGENT LSK8 Weekly Update
    Published on Mar 22, 2021 09:30

    I hope you are having a great weekend.

    Changes to School Start/End Times for Increased Transportation:  Last week, the district announced that it would not be offering transportation to K-5 students except for those receiving McKinney Vento or Special Educations services.  This was tremendously disappointing for our school in particular.  This weekend, the district changed course.  In order to increase transportation for students in K-5, the district has changed school start and end times for K-8s to an 8 a.m. start time and to 2:30 p.m. end time.  This change in school schedule for all LSK8 students will start Monday, March 29th. For more information, check out the district’s updated announcement on this here:

    Upcoming LSK8 Survey (Respond Tomorrow Please!):  LSK8 is a unique school.  Our class sizes are currently small enough to meet or be lower than the maximum class sizes for safety outlined by the state and district.  Many of you have mentioned you are unable to make the proposed half-day schedule work with your work and family schedules, and that you would have preferred a full day, in-person option. I will be sending out a survey tomorrow to determine LSK8’s families’ interests in a full day, in-person option.  At this time the district is not offering a full day option, however, because of our small size, I may have some room to advocate to the district for a full day, in-person option for LSK8.  Please keep in mind, I am only gauging your interest in a full day-in person option; it is not currently an option offered by the district.  If I learn that enough families are interested in full-day, online option from tomorrow’s survey, I will use this information to advocate to the district for the full-day, in-person option.  Either way, all families will still have the 100% online, remote learning option.   

    District Survey:  The district sent out a survey to K-5 families on Friday asking them to communicate their preference for half-day, in-person, half-day remote learning option or to remain 100% remote and online.  This survey is due on 3/24.  Based on the changes to the district’s provision of transportation, you may change your preference on the survey and submit another.  Unless you have a preference for the 100% remote learning option, I might ask you to delay your submission of the district survey until I have more information from our LSK8 survey about families’ interests in a full day, in-person option.  I will update families on Tuesday morning with the results of the survey and any next steps we may have in preparation for you 3/24 district survey submission.

    Community Meeting at 7:30pm Monday 3/22:  I know all of this is confusing, and changing frequently.  For this reason, I will be holding an info session Monday night at 7:30pm for families.  At that time, I may have tentative results from the school survey and will be able to say whether or not there is enough interest by our families to advocate for a full-day, in person option. contact the office at 206-743-3700 or email at for a link to the meeting

    We look forward to seeing your scholars tomorrow at 8:30 for another day of online learning.

    Your Licton Springs K-8 Family