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    09/27/2020 LSK8 Weekly Update
    Published on Sep 28, 2020 14:41

    Good evening, Licton Springs K-8 Families,

    PTO Meeting next Tuesday, 10/6:  PTO meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm on Zoom.  The next meeting will be held on October 6th at 6pm. contact  Blaine or Allycea for the link and passcode (or email for more information)

    Thanks for Completing the First Family Feedback Survey!: The feedback you provided in last week’s survey was immensely helpful.  It was great to hear positive feedback, including how much you are enjoying your child’s teachers and how smoothly the supply pick-up went.  We received some great feedback for improvement as well.  A few consistent themes were:

    • Concerns with misuse of chat
    • Confusion over small group/independent work times
    • More pen/paper work for kids to do off-screen to break up the screen time
    • Frustration with multiple log ons for apps and needed sites for learning
    • More info for kids and parents on how to make adjustments to the Teams’ Notifications
    • Special Education
    • Who are the additional staff on screen?

    Response to Survey:  First, we realize many of these things were issues even before the survey.  These are issues we are working on solutions for.  Staff have also given feedback and have expressed concern with several of the issues parents raised.  It’s great when we are all in agreement!  

    • Re: Schedules:  Multiple issues may be addressed by updating the schedule, which we will do for the week of 10/5.  We realize the schedule would benefit from some major adjustments and want to avoid making updates every week.  The next update will be for the week of 10/5.  As before, your child’s teacher(s) will support you and your child with the new schedule.
    • Re: Small Group and Independent Work:  This way of teaching is new to everyone.  We are collaborating together and sharing what each teacher has been doing and what has and hasn’t worked well.  These discussions are leading to changes in the schedule, changes in teacher’s practice, and in what activities are provided for this time.  We are also seeking materials students can do off-screen as we, too, share some concern about the amount of screen time for both staff and students.  Please expect updates to this over the coming days/weeks as some of these adjustments may involve distribution of additional supplies.
    • Re: MS Chat:  Teams does not currently have the ability to allow teachers to turn chat On/Off.  This is something schools all over the country have expressed concern about that I believe Microsoft is working on.  
    • Re: Multiple Sign-ons:  This is frustrating for everyone, including teachers.  Some of these are district issues we are also seeking district clarity on, and we are brainstorming how we might best approach this as a staff to make it easier for you and your child.
    • Re: Special Education:  I will be scheduling a special education family meeting over the next two weeks to gather additional feedback and share information.  Please stay tuned if your child receives these services.
    • Re: Additional Staff on Screen:  Many of the additional staff you see on screen provide services to specific students in the class related to special education or English language learning.  We will be posting a document with staff photos online this week.  We are also working to update the website staff list and bios this week.  If you ever have a question about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher who can give you additional information. 

    Reminder for Patience and Grace/Our Teachers are Heroes:  We know this can be a frustrating time for everyone, not only with virtual learning but with all that is going on in the world generally.  We would encourage you to continue to extend patience and grace to our amazing teaching staff, who are putting in way more time than they would if we were in person, not only to learn the technology and provide and improve instruction, but also to provide feedback on the now hundreds of posts and assignments on online platforms, etc.  They could work 24 hours a day and still not get to everything.  This is also an emotional and stressful time for teachers, and I’ve been impressed with our team’s dedication, flexibility, and strength as we are getting through this together.  As I stated in my beginning of year message, not all will go smoothly all of the time, but we commit to getting better each day.  I’ve been very proud of our team’s ability and commitment to doing just that.  They are heroes.  Please take a moment to thank them for their efforts and point out things you notice going well. 

    We look forward to another week of learning this week with your scholars.  Have a great rest of your evening.

    Your Licton Springs K-8 Family