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LSK8 Weekly Update 12/4/22

Licton Springs Weekly Update 12/4/22

School Updates

Holiday Bazaar

This year the Holiday Bazaar will be on December 5th. This is a special time for holiday gift giving for our school community. All kids can shop for a loved one/special person. We are taking donations that can include: new and gently used items, non perishable items, and household plants. We are also in need of volunteers, gift wrapping paper /bags, tape. Please be mindful some students will need to carry these gifts on the bus. Contact PTO if you have any questions!

Other examples of donations include:

Books – Jewelry – Paintings – Puzzles – Games- Kitchen ware – Candles – Fun Socks – Teas – tea pots and cups – gift baskets

We will have make up opportunities for students that are absent on Monday.

*Please make sure that items are small enough and not too heavy as some scholars ride the yellow bus home

Behavior System

We are excited to announce a new behavior system that we are implementing school wide. Our Thunderbird tickets are used to reinforce desired behavior. However, we all make mistakes and we want our scholars to have the chance to make things right so they can learn and grow from them.

When students exhibit a behavior that is disruptive to themselves, other students, and the classroom environment, they will be redirected to complete a reflect and return sheet to think about their choice and what they can do to make it right to the classroom community. Teachers will try several interventions before this happens to stop the behavior.

This is not punitive discipline, but rather a restorative approach where our scholars can grow and be successful in their lives beyond our school.

If your student brings home a reflect and return paper, please sign it and return it back to school to continue the communication between home and school. We are working on ordering folders for our elementary students so they can transport these forms as well as other school related information. Middle school students will use their current binders.

Thank you for your partnership!

screenshot of the reflect and return guide
reflect and return screen shot
reflect and return screen shot

Recess/Lunch Monitors

We are in need of lunch and recess monitors for the school year. The times are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday- lunch 12:10-12:40; recess 12:40-1:10. Wednesday- lunch-11:50-12:20; recess-12:20-12:50. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer application

Once approved, sign up for a shift. Thank you for your support!

Lunch Menu

Access this weeks lunch menu.

Please use this link below to provide feedback for the newsletter. Thank you!
a snowy forest

Classroom Updates

Kindergarte;n/1st Grade

Kindergarten is wrapping up their first addition unit and soon we will be moving on to subtraction! 1st grade has been working on picking which addition and subtraction strategies work the best for them: doubles, doubles plus, or make 10.

In reading we have been learning more and more sight words, and our reading groups have taken mastery tests to help determine what they are still working on.

We had our first “Fun Friday” project and decorated our classroom and the hallway with our own cut out snowflakes!

2nd/3rd Grade

In reading we continued our work on making inferences. We read a book about a boy who goes on a backpacking trip with his dad. We used clues about what the characters say, do, and think to make inferences about how they feel about the trip and their relationship with each other and the environment.

In writing we continued our work on personal narratives. We practiced adding sensory details to help the reader understand and enjoy our writing.

In math, 2nd graders continued working on adding 2-digit numbers. We practiced adding two to four 2-digit numbers using a variety of strategies. 3rd graders used what they know about multiplication to help them solve division problems using fact families.

In science we continued our investigation of forces and began investigating magnetic forces.

In social studies we spent time learning about winter holidays celebrated around the world. Small reading groups are in full swing! Ask your student about their reading group and what they read this week.

4th/5th Grade

The 4th and 5th graders have been very busy this week!

We had a very sweet author celebration in which students wrote compliments to each other about their writing. Students were impressed with each other’s writing. As we reflected on our writing practice so far this year, one student said that there was so much sharing and collaboration, and that was really motivating! The rest of the class agreed that they were enjoying the process. We have begun to work on our next unit, Personal Narrative. You can have a conversation with your students about stories from their lives that might be interesting to share!

5th graders took the Unit test for Adding and Subtracting Decimals. They went into it feeling confident, and we’ve had LOTS of practice, so it should be a confidence builder to get the scores back!

We also started a new Science Unit about the stars. We have had some great discussions about artifacts from different ancient cultures, the relative size of the planets and stars, and the distance between things. Ask your student about the size of a beluga whale compared to a blue whale, or the size of the sun compared to other stars.

Middle School


6th – In 6th grade, students will be taking their mid-unit assessment on Monday, Dec 5th on chapter 4 of “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.” The rest of the week, we will continue to read to analyze how characters are developed throughout the novel and begin to interpret figurative language to determine meaning in the text. We will also close read a supplementary article to gain deeper understanding of William Kamkwamba.

7th – In 7th grade, students will be taking their mid-unit assessment on Monday, Dec 5th on pages 38-41 of “Patient Zero”. The rest of the week, we will continue to make connections between the individuals and events of the SoHo Cholera outbreak. Then, we will begin to analyze how interactions between individuals and events influenced one another during the Typhoid fever epidemic.

8th – In 8th grade, students will continue to read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” to analyze Michael Pollan’s point of view, purpose, and to evaluate his arguments on certain topics (local food, industrial organic farming, etc). We will answer these questions about his arguments: “What is his claim?” “How does he support his claim?” “Is his reasoning sound?” “Is his evidence sufficient?” And most importantly, we will evaluate our own thoughts regarding his claims.


Office Hours: Before school, after school, and Lunch Hours (by appointment), and Power School.

Contact: Talking Points or by email at


  • Please send a small folder with your students so they can take their math materials from school to home and home to school.
  • IXL: 
    • Master 2 skills per week, done at home.
    • The students need to click on Assessment and then click Enter the Arena.
  • The last date to convert I (incomplete) to a letter grade is 6 weeks from November 28th. Please turn in missing assignments and quizzes to make up the grade. See Ms. Sharma if you need worksheets or help to complete the work.

6th – Unit 1:

  • Divide whole numbers and decimals: whole numbers by whole numbers, decimals by whole numbers, and whole numbers by decimals.
  • Multiply fractions: unit fractions, mixed numbers, and fractions.

7th – Unit 2: Analyze and Use Proportional Relationships

  • Determine unit rates with ratios of fractions.
  • Proportional relationships, equivalent ratios, recognizing and using the proportional relationship to solve problems.
  • The resource project is due Wednesday, December 7th.

8th – Unit 1: Real Numbers

  • Exponents
  • Power of 10 for Estimation
  • Scientific Notation: conversion of scientific notation to standard form
  • Conversion of large or small numbers to scientific notation
  • End of topic assessment: Friday, December 9th
  • Revision of Midpoint Assessment: Wednesday during Power Hour.

Announcement: I’m looking for parent volunteers for grades 7 and 8! A commitment of 1-2 times a week. Please contact the main office to go through the volunteer process.


6th grade Science

Thermal Energy Chapter 2: Temperature and Energy

In this chapter, students continue to build an understanding of how heating systems that use warm water could warm the air in the school. Students explore why changes in temperature occur and learn that changes in molecular motion correspond to changes in the kinetic energy of molecules. Students see that kinetic energy is neither created nor destroyed as it transfers and discover that an increase in the amount of energy in one part of a system necessitates a decrease in another part of the system. By the end of this chapter, students will be able to explain why their proposed heating systems will succeed in warming the school through the transfer of kinetic energy.

Lessons- 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Social Studies

7th Grade: This week, students did a lot of work finding evidence in our readings about the Native Peoples and Nations relationships between culture, climate, and food. Next week we will be looking at first contact between Native PNW Nations and colonists and their differing land values.

8th Grade: Students chose a revolution in the world to research this week. Each day, we are researching a different part of the revolution. We will wrap up research by the end of next week and be able to explain if their revolution was successful and why. The final week before break they will create their primary source to compliment it!


Middle schoolers: Students will be introduced to the polar watches that track their activity, and we will begin our fitness pretests this week. Monday will likely be a pacer test. Tuesday will likely be pushups and sit ups, and Thursday will be sit and reach and make ups. That leaves time for a game on Friday!

K/1: We will begin our Volley unit!

Grades 2-5: Tuesday will be our last day on bikes, they will be picked up on Friday. Friday we will have a post test on what they learned and then play a game!



  • 12/9/22 I can sing and move to music. I can keep the beat. I can create movement to music.


  • 12/5/22 I can sing and move to music. I can read melody and rhythm patterns. I can create movement to music.


  • 12/5/22 I can sing and move to music. I can read rhythm and melodies. I can describe the woodwind family.


  • 12/5/22 I can sing and move to music. I can play triplet rhythms. I can describe the 12-bar blues.
  • 12/9/22 I can sing and move to music. I can play rhythms. I can compare performances.


Our art teacher, Jena, has accepted a full time position at another middle school. We are very close to filling the position. The students will have a sub for the time being.


High School and Beyond Planning: Washington requirements for graduation have changed over the past few years, allowing students to explore pathways that also create flexibility with options after high school. High School and Beyond Planning (HSBP) includes a more holistic approach to post-secondary planning to encourage students to make more informed decisions that impact their futures. HSBP in middle school grades includes learning inventories, career interest and personality surveys, Road Trip Nation (a program to explore careers), learning about scholarships, and culminates with high school planning where 8th graders will register for their 9th grade classes. While the requirement in Washington is that this work begins with 8th grade, we believe starting with 6th grade and continuing the conversation throughout middle school prepares our students for a smoother high school transition and more opportunities for exploring careers. This week, our 8th graders learned more about their natural and preferred learning styles and strategies to boost learning.

We would love to offer a Career Day this year with in person opportunities! If you have a career that you love and would enjoy talking to students about it, please contact me


In November, our students checked out 504 books. Our top ten most popular titles for November were

  1. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
  2. The Bad Guys in Aliens vs. Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey
  3. Rise of the Earth Dragon by Tracey West
  4. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Lv. 1 by Yuki Yaku
  5. The Children’s Blizzard , 1888 by Lauren Tarshis
  6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down by Jeff Kinney
  7. Encanto by Naibe Reynoso
  8. The Great Chicago Fire, 1871 by Lauren Tarshis
  9. I am a Cat Barista by Hiro Maijima
  10. Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Our middle school students will meet with the Ballard Branch Library’s teen services librarian on Monday. Our 4th and 5th grade students will have a question-and-answer session with young adult author Ellen Oh on December 14th . All students will participate in Google’s Hour of Code on Friday December 9th.

Overdue notices went out on December 1st. You can see which books your child has out through the Destiny Discover app on Clever.