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Ballard Library Exhibit

We have enjoyed an exciting and wonderful first year in the Ballard neighborhood. We look forward to many more happy days as part of the Ballard community. We partnered with the Ballard branch of the Seattle Public Library to display some of our students’ artwork. 

This project with the eighth graders was a culmination of their unit on World War II and the Holocaust. Our librarian and English teacher worked together to help them choose a paper they were proud of to place inside these envelopes. Library patrons will have a chance to open the envelopes and learn more about the student’s research. The envelopes were inspired by a Library of Congress online exhibit about how World War II soldiers would decorate the envelopes they sent home to their families. We hope these letters will inspire our students to think about the messages they receive from the past, and the ones they will send in the future.

Stop by the Ballard Branch Library at 5614 22nd Ave NW to view the students work on display through the end of May!