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05/08/22 LSK8 Weekly Update

Good evening, Licton Springs K-8 Families,

PTO-Sponsored LSK8 Student and Family Gathering:  PTO is holding a Family & Student gathering on Wednesday, May 25th from 4-7pm at Phinney Center (6532 Phinney Ave N, 98103) (lower parking lot).  We hope to see you there!  There will be a potluck dinner with lawn games, basketball, playground, etc.  They are asking for families to bring:

  • pop up tents, tables, chairs, lawn games, basketball
  • plates, napkins, utensils, garbage bags
  • drinks, coolers & ice; hot water for tea, cider
  • appetizers
  • entrée
  • fruit/vegetables

Rides and Chaperones for 5/25 Mariners Game Field Trip:  We are hoping to take a K-8 field trip on Wednesday, May 25th to the Mariner’s Weather Education Day from 9:00-2:10.  Students will learn about weather from local meteorologists, and, most importantly, will get to enjoy the first part of a Mariners game.  Unfortunately, we are unable to get district bus service on Wednesday’s due to the early release.  But we are able to use parent drivers and chaperones.  If you are able to volunteer to drive or drive and attend the game, please contact Carole in  the main office (cljohnson

End of Year Assessments:  We have two important assessments as a school this month that make student attendance extra important.  The SBA is an assessment that measures students’ proficiency on grade-level skills and standards.  The results are available for the public and are often used to judge the quality of a school.  We also receive state funding tied to the results.   Students in grades 3-8 will take the SBA test in ELA and Math. This will start on May 16th.  Students in grades 5 and 8 will take the WCAS (science) test on May 20.  

Students in grades K-8 will be taking the NWEA MAP Growth Math and Reading tests, which measure the growth a student has made this school year, regardless of where they started at the beginning of the school year.  Students and staff have set goals for each MAP test and are excited to see if they met their growth goals.  Testing will begin the week of May 23rd. 3rd-8th grade students will also take the Map Growth Language Use test.  These assessments will also help us support families with how best to support students’ learning over the summer.  Thank you for your support.

Upcoming Dates and Events:  There are many!

  • Spring Open House on 5/19 6-7:30 at school!:  We are excited to have families into our beautiful building for the first time!   Attendance at this event will require proof of vaccination for anyone who is NOT a student.  This will be checked at the door.  We are really excited to have you!
  • Possible Mariners Game Field Trip 5/25:  We will know if this is possible based on the number of volunteers we are able to secure.
  • Grades 6-8 Dance on 6/3: We will hold our first middle school dance at the end of the school day on Friday, June 3rd.  We may reach out for volunteers to assist with decorations.  More info to come!
  • Talent Show, 6/9 6:30-8pm Online:  We will hold our annual Talent Show on Teams on Thursday, June 9th from 6:30-8.  We decided to keep this event online because of the amazing participation we had when we moved it to online last year.  We found that more kids were willing to perform or show off their talent when they weren’t live in front of many people!  Last year we had live performances, as well as pre-recorded ones of drum and piano playing, a music video, and karate moves!  This is an outstanding event and we are excited to be able to include families this year.  Any student can participate.  Dante is the point of contact for kids and will coordinate and preview all performances for appropriateness.
  • Field Day 6/14:  We would like to host a Field Day on 6/14 but are in need of many volunteers to manage the event during the school day.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the main office and we will work to get a parent group established for planning.
  • 8th Grade Dinner Evening of 6/16:  More info to come on this event, but the dinner will be held on the evening of June 16th, so mark your calendars!
  • End of Year 6/17 Moving Up Ceremony and Celebration at 10AM:  We will hold our End of Year Moving Up Ceremony on the last day of school at 10am.  The awards ceremony will take place and will be followed by an ice cream social celebration.  Vaccinated family members and guests may attend and will need to provide proof of vaccination to enter.  Families who attend have the option of taking their child home after the event.  We look forward to celebrating your scholars’ effort this school year!

I hope you have a great rest of your week!

Your Licton Springs K-8 Families