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    Licton Springs Site Council Meeting Notes 4/3/17 Monica Greenberg- read history of Licton Springs, a blog from John Chapman(from the almost closure of Pinehurst to partnership with UNEA to create native heritage partnership)…we serve students that are underserved elsewhere…we believe in diversity and value of each student…a reminder of our roots, why we are still here and why the bridge with Native program needs to be supported today. Duwamish and Muckleshoot Tribes- we honor them b/c it is their sacred land of Licton Springs we are on at RES building. Where to post official site council meeting notes– ask Carole to do on website as well as email to families (from email list she uses for Licton Link weekly newsletter) BLT update (Vanessa Brannan) – official budget for staff and program specific details still confidential until final approval (over next week?) but appears we will be able to be budgeted for what we currently are offering. Next, however, is securing we will be given the appropriate amount of rooms at new RES building to do this. See next point. Monica will be drafting an email to approach board for room assignments at RES. Then parents can add their own specific concerns. John Chapman suggested to send to Sheri Kokx (Manager of Operations), Flip Herndon (Associate Superintendant) and cc SPS Board and Marni Campbell (Principal at RES). Current room assignment is only 7-8 rooms which doesn’t allow for single grade classrooms and has Access/Resource/Special needs sharing a room which isn’t appropriate/safe. Additionally, current special needs room is K-8 and that is too far of an age/grade gap for 1 teacher. It currently works b/c the ages of children isn’t that far spread out but as our enrollment numbers grow this will need to be addressed. Special needs- 30 kids with 5 adults? Not safe. -Bus issue- separate email. For 24 NE kids we need to find a solution to not having a bus for them or potentially will lose this critical number of student enrollment.   Committees- discussed the need to have a volunteer to steer up the following areas. Site council meetings once a month for 90 min isn’t enough time to discuss issues AND gather info/assess obstacles/make a plan of action. If we get 1 volunteer to steer up a committee (and form a committee by asking other parents, for example, who can’t come to site council meetings but want to be involved, for example) we will be able to start having more impact and start having more parent involvement. At the next site council meeting would like to prioritize committees needed and appoint/accept volunteers to steer those committees. The following committees are not listed in order of importance. All School potluck gathering: The school used to have an end of year pot-luck style gathering at a park as well as beginning of year (right before school starts) gathering. Licton Springs has a park with playground that is nice. Need volunteers to start this planning and get some dates on calendar and other planning around this event. Could also add a native school blessing (in addition to OR in partnership with what SPS is doing for RES ground breaking/ cut-the-ribbon type of ceremony?) that would be unique and in style of proper honoring of native land and native people etc.  Culturally-relevant Native afterschool program at LS/RES (without fees) need to identify obstacles and brainstorm. Ideally would be inclusive for both native and general student population. Might be easiest to focus on Wed early release program for next year and then grow it to include other days. (see below) Need creative ideas (can a grant for native afterschool program be supplemented with fundraised money or small fees to non-native students so one program can help both native and general student population? Just an example of trying to be creative). Might be easier to manage this concept after first year at RES. Afterschool care options- Need to organize and contact places near LS and put together a list that might include price & financial assistance options?/time options/ location/contact info/bus or transportation options to it/ when to enroll and spots available etc. -One idea presented was that some parents might be assuming the boys/girls club near RES is option but “word on the street” is that it is already close to capacity and might not be an option considering the huge influx of students between RES, LS and Cascadia. So, for ex, this option needs to be explored to see what it can or cannot do for our population.  Monica is discussing the issue with both the North Seattle and Wallingford Boys and Girls Clubs and expects more information by late April. -Another option- for ex, is WA Karate Association Ballard dojo (located 85th/3rd) and does have van that picks up students from school. (again- need to gather prices, financial assistance available, slots available etc)…maybe there’s more options like this in the area? I’ve seen along Greenwood other martial arts studios with similar pick up for afterschool care. Grade level specific recruitment (for new enrollment) - increase our Native student population and identify grade levels that are most deficient in numbers for enrollment. Fundraising – specific needs not identified at this time. Vanessa Brannan is a good contact for this area and will be meeting with Roy to discuss. Wed early-release enrichment program Next year every Wednesday LS will be 1-hr early release. To make any afterschool activity “worth it” should be 2 hr program (because won’t have bus option to bring kids home so parents will need to pick child up from school). One idea to be explored- can parents volunteer for individual Wednesdays for enriching activities, games, story and music time or a time for clubs to meet? Can we do something joint with Native organizations if we can get their afterschool program located at RES? LGBTQ club meeting - can have students direct this with a parent volunteer? CSIP = “Continuous School Improvement Plan” and each school has its own plan and seems that most of financial choices are based off of CSIP. CSIP is largely based off student scores and current CSIP focus is improving Math and social-emotional learning. Would like to see CSIP expanded to having Native and special needs focus. Class Parent Contact - need to organize 1 parent from each class to be site council contact b/c not all parents can get to site council to voice concerns  but all voices needed. AND “parent contact” can bring (email) site council needs to parents who can’t make it to site council meetings..bring awareness for current issues and need for parents to volunteers for specific committees or to announce upcoming events etc. John Chapman brought to site council “Paramount Duty Resolution to legislature”- vote was taken and approved to send on behalf of site council.Thank you John for putting this together!!   Next site council meeting: May 8th…at current school  (LINCOLN BUILDING) in the Cafeteria 6:30-8pm.  
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