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    Licton Springs Potential Move to Webster FAQ
    Posted on 10/16/2019
    webster school image

     Licton Springs K-8 FAQs:


    1) Is the building configured for K-8? When the team visited last year, there wasn’t a plan for a science lab for MS Science.

    A: The building is configured for K-5 but could also serve a K-8 school. The Seattle School Board is currently considering moving Licton Springs K-8 to Webster. If the move is approved by Board members, Capital Projects and Planning staff will work with the Licton Springs K-8 community to adjust the school for Licton Springs K-8’s needs.


    2) Are there plans to locate any other schools in the building?

    A: No. There are no plans to locate any additional schools in the building.


    3) Will Licton Springs K-8 Remain an Option School?

    A: There are no plans to change Licton Springs from an Option School to a Neighborhood School.


    4) Will there be transportation for current Licton Springs Students to the New Location.

    A: The recommendation to the School Board is to provide yellow bus transportation for students currently attending Licton Springs.


    5) Will there be a designated OT and PT space or other therapy space in Webster?

    A: There is an OT/PT space provided in the building.


    6) Will the SPED team each have their own space/office (i.e. will Access have its own room, will Resource/Speech/OT have their own office/room?).

    A: There are no specific separate offices for SPED. There are three Special Education classroom type spaces. One on each level of the building. This includes the OT/PT space. The OT/PT space is 250SF and the self-contained classrooms are approximately 400SF, both are provided with a toilet and changing area.


    7) How many classrooms are there?

    A: The building has 18 classrooms spaces. This includes a flex classroom, Art/Project lab, and a music classroom. The building also has the two self-contained special education classrooms.


    8) How big are the classrooms?

    A: Classrooms vary in size due to the existing configuration of the building and the seismic improvements for the exiting bearing walls. Classrooms range in size from 680 SF to 780 SF. There is a large learning commons outside of the classrooms on the second and third floor.


    9) Is there space for a rooftop garden?

    A: There is not the ability for a roof garden in this facility. We can discuss the possibility of a garden on ground level space permitting.


    10) Is there a playground and playing field that can be used for a small track for practice and a soccer field?

    A: There is hard surface play with playground equipment. Webster park is adjacent to the school property.


    11) Will there be a gym?

    A: Yes, there is a gymnasium. The court size is the size of a high school basketball court.


    12) Will there be an auditorium? How big will it be?

    A: The lunchroom/auditorium is within the historic building with a stage. This space is approximately 2,400 SF.


    13) Will there be capital funds available to purchase furniture and more books for our new library at the new site next year?

    A: There are funds in the capital budget to purchase furniture.


    14) How big is the lunchroom?

    A: 2,400 SF. About the same size as Bagley and Magnolia.


    15) Will there be a dedicated computer lab?

    A: There is no dedicated computer lab. Each classroom can accommodate either a laptop cart or i-pad charging cart.


    16) How many drinking fountains are there?

    A: There are four drinking fountain locations.


    17) How many basketball hoops are there?

    A: There are six in the gymnasium and two within the covered play.


    18) Will there be swings?

    A: No. SPS buildings no longer have swings.


    19) Will there be bike racks?

    A: Yes.


    20) Will there be sinks and cubbies in the classrooms?

    A: Each classroom will have sinks and cubbies.


    21) What are the restroom handwashing stations like?

    A: The restrooms are provided with a handwashing station that includes 3 faucets for handwashing. It is a single fixture/sink for each pair of restrooms.



    Prepared by Enrollment Planning and Capital Projects & Planning Last Updated: 10.16.2019