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    Carolyn Kyle Retirement
    Posted on 05/29/2020
    Carolyn Retirement

    Dear Licton Springs, Pinehurst K-8, and AS#1 Community Friends,

    It is with a heavy heart, that I announce my retirement from Seattle Schools.

    As a 15 year-old (I remember being too young to have a driver’s license), a friend drove me to the Big City, Seattle.  I tutored at-risk youth.  We met in a church basement-that later grew to become C.A.Y.A. (Central Area Youth Association).

    In high school, as senior class speaker, wearing a micro-mini dress, high heeled, knee-high boots, I delivered a radical speech against conventional schooling, advocating for educational justice!

    Did you know my first paid position in Seattle Schools was, Artist-in-Residence?  I taught African-Cuban dance and culture at Wing Luke Elementary.

    My 32 years at Summit K-12 allowed me to stretch and grow professionally. In that open environment, I had the opportunity to teach all grades, 1st through senior high.

    When Summit was “discontinued”, Principal Roy Merca was allowed to bring (4) teachers to AS#1.  My dear friend and colleague, Jo Cripps and I were (2) of those selected to make the move.  Jo and I have been teaching partners for twenty years!

    I have dedicated my career to Alternative Education-advocating for student voice, family choice, and being a caring and courageous voice to fight school closure. As a visionary, my believe was, if Licton could last (3) years @ Robert Eagle Staff, the program would live on. Now, with the move to Webster, once again the Phoenix has risen from the ashes!

    With Emily’s leadership, combined with our fierce community commitment, the school will move forward to a “Forever Home”.

    Thank you for entrusting me with your beautiful children!

    Your Forever Teacher,

    Carolyn E. Kyle

    note** (the attached photo was taken the moment I submitted my retirement papers to Seattle Schools!)