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    2019 School Supply List for Students
    Posted on 08/23/2019
    school supplies

    Supply List 2019-2020 | Licton Springs K-8

    If you have extra of any of the supplies listed (or other teacher supplies) , donations are gladly accepted in the Licton Springs office.

    Please contact the LSK8 office or your teacher if you need assistance obtaining school supplies; We can help!


    Grades K-5 - Every student needs

    · Backpack

    · 1-2 Box(s) of Facial Tissues (like Kleenex)

    · 1-2 boxes of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga Black are best)

    · Reusable water bottle


    Lauryn’s Kindergarten
    **You are welcome, but not required, to send in some of the following items to share:

    · Black Flair felt tip pens (Flair only please)

    · Quart plastic bags with slider opening

    · Paper towels

    · Copier Paper, white

    · Copier Paper, neon colors

    · Sidewalk chalk


     Rob’s 1st/2nd Grade

    · box of colored pencils

    · box of washable markers

    · box of crayons

    · 2—2 pocket folders (NOT plastic)

    · 2 Primary Composition book  (w/blank space at the top, lines for writing underneath) 

    · Small pencil sharpener

    · pencil box, pouch, or bag

    · 2 large “pink pearl” erasers

    · 4 thin dry erase markers

    · Pack of glue sticks

    **please choose one or two of the following for the classroom:

    disinfectant wipes, Band-Aids, non-perishable snacks to share, ream of printer paper white or colors


    Renee’s 2nd Grade  

    supplies will be shared then renewed throughout the year as needed.

    · 1 black/white composition book (wide ruled)

    · 2 large “Pink Pearl” Brand erasers

    · 6 large Elmer’s glue sticks

    · 4 thin, black, dry erase markers (black only)

    **please choose one or two of the following for the classroom:

    · Colored pencils

    · Washable markers

    · Disinfectant wipes (bleach free)

    · 1 ream brightly colored printer paper

    · Plain Band-Aids

    · $10 cash or check payable to Licton Springs K-8)


    Maggie’s 3rd Grade

    · dry erase markers

    · Fine tip dry erase markers

    · 4 wide-ruled composition notebooks

    · Band aids

    · Erasers and eraser tops

    · Snacks (fruit, crackers, popcorn, dried fruit, granola bars)

    **Other items (pick one or two):

    · Earth-friendly all-purpose cleaning product (for tables)

    · Storage bags w/slide closures, any size

    · Post it notes, any size

    · Facial tissue (Kleenex)


    Kassy’s 4th Grade 
    (supplies will be shared!):

    · 2 lined composition books

    · 2 notebooks

    · 2 folders with pockets

    · 2 packs of post-it notes (any color)

    · Fine/thin dry erase markers

    · Fine tip markers

    · Colored pencils

    · 1 roll of “painters’ tape” (blue tape)

    **Supplies needed all year (needed now/refilled later)

    Snacks for the class

    Wipes/cleaning product for desks
    Paper towels
    Band aids
    Hand sanitizer
    Ziploc bags


    Carolyn’s 5th Grade

    · 2 spiral notebooks, wide-ruled

    · Seattle Public Library card

    To share with the class:

    · Sharpies (lots of colors!)

    · Antiseptic wipes

    · Sticky notes, any size

    · 3 x 5 index cards (pack of 100)





    Students: Please replace supplies as you consume them. You are responsible for having all supplies with you at all times.


    Grades 6-8  - All classes require

    · Backpack

    · Headphones or earbuds. (Need them every day, keep them in your backpack)

    · Library Card—working, and in good standing!

    · Highlighter pens, at least 1 should be yellow

    · 3 or more—#2 pencils with erasers, sharpened before class.  *Ready for action, at all times.

    · Flash Drive (USB drive, thumb drive) - labeled with student name

    · 1 pack dry erase markers (to be delivered to office)

    · 1 box facial tissue (to me delivered to office)



    · Loose-leaf binder (1-2” wide) for use in History/Social Studies Class only

    · Spiral notebooks, at least 70 pages (wide or college ruled)

    · Lined notebook paper, wide or college ruled, at least 25 sheets at all times

    · Small pencil sharpener for personal use

    · 3 pens, dark blue or black ink (erasable ink is permitted)

    · 1 box colored markers

    · 1 box colored pencils

    · 1 package 3 x 5 index cards (100 cards)

    · Glue Stick or glue

    · a small, cheap world atlas.  But if you do not find one, don’t worry. 



    Individual Student required supplies

    · 3 ring binder (1-inch)

    · Set of dividers (5 tabs)

    · Pencil Pouch or Pencil Box

    · 2 large erasers “Pink Pearl” type

    · 1 two-pocket folder (with or w/out prongs)

    Class supplies to share throughout the year (pick 3 or 4):

    · Tissues

    · Dish Soap

    · Ziploc Bags (Gallon, Quart, Sandwich—regular or freezer)

    · D batteries

    · Plastic ware (spoons, forks, knives)

    · Plastic sheet protectors

    · Masking tape

    · Cups, various sizes


    Language Arts

    · 3 ring binder (1-inch)*This supply is explicitly used for language arts and cannot be used for other classes.

    · Composition notebook (College Rule) *This supply is explicitly used for language arts and cannot be used for other classes.

    · 1 pkg. college rule notebook paper

    · 1 pkg. colored pencils (12 ct. or higher)

    · 2 glue sticks




    · 1 composition notebooks: with grids

    · 1 composition notebooks: college rule



    Elective classes will be chosen the first week of school, any supplies needed for those classes (if any) will be distributed by the teacher once electives have started.