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    Letter to the Board From the BLT
    Posted on 12/05/2016

    Dear School Board Members,


    The Licton Springs community of parents and guardians, the staff, and the Building Leadership Team will accept moving into the Robert Eagle Staff School on the stipulation that we are given an additional seven classrooms. As indicated on the current architectural plans 7 rooms include: 1 room designated as the Self –Contained Room, and one room designated as a Science room, 5 classrooms with no designation and in addition there is the library which is not part of the 7 classrooms.   

    In the following week and a half, we reached out to the community via email and by telephoning many of our Native American families to understand their preferences and concerns. On Tuesday, November 29th we held a community meeting and followed up by sending home with each student a physical survey.

    The community feedback overwhelmingly indicated frustration with the allocation of only seven classrooms at the Robert Eagle Staff school. Seven classrooms are insufficient to offer an equitable education to our students. Thirty-two percent of our students require Special Education services and seventy students out of a total of 127 are eligible for Targeted Assistance (Title I and LAP) services. Moreover, thirty percent of our students are Native American. This is a group that has not been equitably served by the school district in the past. If we were to move to the Robert Eagle Staff school, with only seven rooms, we would have split classrooms, which have been demonstrated to be ineffective to close the opportunity gap. To become a more functional school offering an equitable education to our students we require 7 more classrooms. Specifically, we are requesting more classrooms to serve as non-split grades, a classroom for our ACCESS students, a classroom for the Resource students and a classroom for the Title I and LAP students. In addition, we would like to expand the scope of our Native American focus by creating a Native American Art and Culture classroom.

    The Robert Eagle Staff School is a sacred and historical location for our Native American community. The Licton Springs community has expressed a strong desire for our school to move there as long as we are allocated a sufficient number of classrooms to thrive.


    Thank You for Your Consideration,

    The Licton Springs Building Leadership Team