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    Community Meeting
    Posted on 11/18/2016

    ImageNovember 23, 2016 


    Dear Licton Springs Community,    

    Please join us at our community meeting to discuss the move to the Robert Eagle Staff building.  Our community meeting will be held at the Licton Springs @Lincoln High School, Cafeteria Lounge, on the 1st floor, on Tuesday, November 29th at 6:30. We’ve received a lot of questions regarding this move.  I would like to clarify some information so that we understand what our options are.  

    The room allocation for Licton Springs K-8 at Robert Eagle Staff is seven rooms. This was the original allocation that was decided on during the planning process.  We have been aware of this allocation, as we were part of the planning team. These seven rooms are located in the SW side of the Robert Eagle Staff building on the first and second floor.  We also have space for special education, an office and a library.  We will share the gym, cafeteria and arts rooms with the middle school.   The current plan is to move into this space in the summer of 2017.  

    While we are fortunate to have the opportunity to move in to this beautiful new space, there will be some challenges.  Our school has 14.5 certified teachers and 7 instructional assistants.  Today, at Lincoln High, we occupy a classroom at each grade level, an art room, a library, a computer lab, three special education classrooms (for 3 separate programs), a Title/LAP classroom, and an OT/PT room. 

    We have another option to consider.  On Wednesday, November 16, 2016 the School Board voted to have an option school at Cedar Park. Part of our conversation on Tuesday is to gather your feedback on the possibility of Licton Springs K-8 moving into the Cedar Park building. Moving to the Cedar Park location would give us 18 rooms, accommodate our staff, and allow for the growth of our school. If the school staff, school leadership and the community are interested in moving to Cedar Park, the district will include this information in the Student Assignment Plan (SAP).  The School Board votes on the SAP in January.  

    We understand the significance of Robert Eagle Staff and want to ensure we are listening to the Native American communities and our families wishes on these options. 

    Please join us at this meeting on Tuesday, November 29th in the cafeteria lounge at Licton Springs@Lincoln HS.  Your feedback will guide the future home of our school.  

    If you cannot attend this meeting, but would like to give feedback on these options, please send me an email or call me by November 30. 




    Roy Merca 

    Principal, Licton Springs K-8