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    Indigenous Peoples Day Assembly
    Posted on 10/06/2016

    All are invited!
    Starting promptly at 10:10 We will be meeting in C102

    * We have a special guest coming to tell a story!
    * K-2nd Gr.  Paul, Lauryn, and Renee’s Cores - “Lift The Sky Up, a Snohomish  Legend”

    * 3rd Gr. Maggie’s Core - song

    * 4th Gr. Kassy’s Core – Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

    * 5th Gr. Carolyn & Sharon’s core – Rethinking Columbus / Cedar mats

    * 6th Gr. Kristi’s Core – reading

    * 7th Gr. Presentations – emphasis on the fact that indigenous people live all over the world, and wherever they are, their struggles are similar

    • Ian and James – Aztec people

    • Ellora, Lynni, and Daniel will perform a Mayan poem

    • Eli will present a brief history of Zimbabwe’s indigenous people and their artwork

    * 8th Gr. – Reading of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People

    * Gallery Art Walk (7th Gr. students will be at 3 stations where students can handle artifacts and learn more)

     - please arrive by 10:05 to be seated when we start -